Great Stella

Great Stella for Windows

Create and display complex polyhedra

Great Stella is a program for creating, visualising, and printing nets for polyhedra. Features include built-in models, stellations, facetings, nets and vertex figures. The user starts by choosing from a long list of built-in models, then uses advanced functions such as stellation, faceting, augmentation and excavation to explore the trillions of other possibilities.

The symmetry group of any model is established and symmetries can be displayed. Nets for the physical construction of any model discovered can be printed out. Models may also be morphed into their duals in real-time on the screen, using one of five different techniques.

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Great Stella


Great Stella 4.1.1

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  • by Anonymous

    Not something you use everyday. As great as this software is, its not very useful. It has some tools though that no other software has.More